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ICAR BAZZOLI - Caricatori forestali, da rottame e per l'ecologia, caricatori agricoli e semoventi

Finally here we are!
Unique forestry crane in Italy...and not only for all the features and benefits contained in a single machine!
IB 9800 TR AW with:
- performing 9.00 mt. arm with double telescopic and wear-resistant internal hoses
- 360 ° continuous rotation with industrial slewing ring
- Double controls inside the cabin and in the upper part of the column with liftable control position and automatically foldable ladder
- Parker proportional distributor with n.4 mini-joysticks 4 axis with IP 67 protection, electronic control unit and Icarbazzoli-Parker software programmable with "No Stress" system
- LS feed pump 200 lt/min.
- stabilizers with automatic overturning
- approved trailer with original tractor hook
- total visibility for road transfer
- anti-corrosion metallic paint

First of all we thank the American Wood company of Bertino Michele for the trust shown in Icarbazzoli, to have believed in this project and to have developed it together with us. Good job Michele!


Here we are!
They have arrived the new mergers for columns Icarbazzoli IB FUSION, designed with the most advanced 3D software and designed to support the efforts under the most demanding conditions.
TOP quality!

ABSOLUTE NOVELTY! "NO STRESS CONTROL" system applied on IB 7800 TR loader with double controls on top of the column and cabin interior.
This system represents an absolute innovation made by ICARBAZZOLI on forestry loaders and consists of the "no stress" function, through which when the arms are elongated the telescopic arm exits automatically, and in the reverse function when the arms are closed the telescope falls back without the operator must act on the command.
This option can be implemented with the consent of the operator who can then decide whether to use it or not.
The entire system can be programmed through a latest generation controller with Parker software and a waterproof IP 67 joystick.
See the video!
September 2017

From Germany to... Icarbazzoli!

Today ICARBAZZOLI had a great demonstration of affection ... one of our customers has brought us a CLAAS tractor to do the installation of our Forestal Crane ... he left from HOLLINGSTEDT 24876 - GERMANY (bordering DENMARK !! ) covering 1,500 km without highways with his tractor, with 45 hours travel !! All the Staff ICARBAZZOLI wishes to thank this SPECIAL person who gaves us a great happiness and satisfaction and showing us on the right way !! THANK YOU !!

  Mr.Matzenkamper, when in July came with his tractor

  by road from Hollingstedt along 1,500 km away and taking

  45 hours of travel, you made us very proud of our work!

  Now that the crane is ready, when we have proposed you

  to pay half of the transport truck you told us that he

  wanted to go with your tractor because everyone had

  to see our crane!!

  What can we say .... thank you so much to you

  that is really a special person!!

  Mr.Matzenkamper goodbye and good luck!!


  (more on FB...)

November 2015