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ICAR BAZZOLI - Caricatori forestali, da rottame e per l'ecologia, caricatori agricoli e semoventi

Terms and Conditions


1.   PRICES:
1.1 Goods are sold ex works, VAT excluded and payment in cash; any possible delay in payment entails charging commercial interests.
1.2 The purchaser cannot delay payment for any reason whatever and no objections or legal action, claim or complaint can be raised if the due payment has not been fully made.


2.1 Purchaser shall be responsible for delivery of goods, although they are delivered carriage free.
2.2  The terms of delivery must be considered as indicative and not binding for ICAR BAZZOLI except when otherwise agreed by specific written stipulations. Even in such a case, a week’s allowance from the date specified in favour of the Purchasing Company is to be allowed.
2.3 In any case, the terms of delivery, absolute or not, can be postponed by 90 days, extendable to 120 days, in cases of acts of God, work stoppage, trade union disputes, or delays due to third parties, whether or not the suppliers of ICAR BAZZOLI.
2.4  In any case, the non-fulfilment of the delivery terms by the Selling Company shall never give the purchaser the right to withdraw from the contract or to ask for damage compensation.


3.1  Complaints will only be accepted if sent by a Registered letter within 8 days of receipt of the goods; beyond such time the goods are understood to be accepted without reservation.


4.1 ICAR BAZZOLI machines and equipment have a 2 year warranty from the date of delivery to the customer. This warranty covers the whole loader for the first year and the structural parts for the second year.
4.2  The warranty granted by ICAR BAZZOLI includes the free supply of parts recognised as defective; the warranty does not include the workforce necessary for replacing the recognised defective parts and the transportation expenses.
4.3 The warranty does not cover the following items: bearings, Cardan shafts, multiplier unit, hydraulic pumps, oil filter cartridge, hydraulic oil, flexible pipes and in any case all parts not produced by ICAR BAZZOLI which are covered by the terms and regulations of their own manufacturers.
4.4  The warranty on spare parts is valid for 6 months from the date of delivery of the machine; such warranty includes  the supply, free of charge, of parts recognised by ICAR BAZZOLI as defective; workforce for the substitution as well as transport expenses are not included.  
4.5  The warranty will be IMMEDIATELY void when unauthorised modifications are carried out, when the machine is used in an incorrect way that does not conform to the technical characteristics and instruction manual supplied, or when improper care and lack of standard maintenance is evident (lack of lubrication, use of non prescribed oil, wrong connections etc.).        
4.6 For any interventions during the applicable warranty period carried out by the dealer, authorisation by the manufacturer ICAR BAZZOLI is necessary.
4.7  ICAR BAZZOLI shall not be held responsible for accidents to persons or objects that could occur during use, testing and trial of the machine itself even when they can be imputable to defective materials used.                 
4.8  No compensation whatever will be paid for machine downtime or for the period during which the machine or the equipment is inefficient.


5.1  Prices and technical characteristics of the machine may be changed at any time with no obligation to give prior notice or warning.


6.1  This pricelist comes into effect immediately and cancels and supersedes the former.


7.1 Any disputes that may arise will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of  Mantova (Mn).

According to and by effect of article 1341 of the civil code, I declare to have read the abovementioned general terms of sale and I expressly approve clauses 1.2 (solve et repete clause); 2.1 (purchaser’s responsibility for the shipping risks); 2.2 , 2.3 (tolerances and extensions of delivery terms); 2.4 (responsibility restriction and relief  for delayed delivery);
3.1 (claims provisions): 4.2  4.3  4.4  4.5  4.6 (warranty exclusions and restrictions): 4.7 (responsibility relief for accidents during the use of the machine); 4.8 (exclusion of compensation for machine downtime); 7.1 (Derogation of jurisdiction)

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